Daniel B. – Six+Six (Album – Alfa Matrix)

By Oct 13,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM, Experimental, Ambient.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info:  Daniel Bressanutti aka Daniel B. is a kind of living legend. One of the core members of Front 242 (‘the man behind the mixing desk’) and still involved with numerous projects such as Male Or Female, Speed Tribe, Nothing But Noise, 99.9 and of course Daniel B./Prothese this celebrates his sixty sixth anniversary! To celebrate this event he revisited some legendary Front 242 songs plus one of the most famous Male Or Female cuts.

Content: We all know the original versions of “Happiness” and “Neurobashing” while “Seq666” (from the “Pulse”-album) is a less renowned track from Front 242. Daniel B. reworked the songs from his very own perspective, becoming a bit more experimental and ambient, but still easily recognizable and totally danceable. He even added some fragmented vocal parts on “Happiness”. “Skeleton Toy” originally released by Male Or Female is a bit more experimental. The last song “Intro.Outro” is only available at the digital- and CD format and sounds as.. an intro or outro.

+ + + : This album is an original idea –although a bit schizophrenic, but still an opportunity to rediscover some famous ‘242’-hits. “Happiness” and “Neurobashing” both are still holding on some essential elements of the original edits (like the melody line), but there’s this little extra and experimental Daniel B. touch on top. The man who’s ‘organising noise’ totally succeeded in his mission. It also is one of the most accessible releases Daniel B. has released over the past few years, most of his work being definitely more Experimental/Noise or Krautrock-driven.

– – – : When I was listening to this new work of Daniel B. I thought, ‘why not work on new Front 242?’… maybe just a very last time to remind all electronic lovers why Front 242 have been pioneers and visionary artists.

Conclusion: I get the feeling Daniel B. has seen it all and is just having fun when releasing a new work. Happy birthday Mr. Bressanutti and keep up entertaining the audience and your fans.

Best songs: “Happiness – Happy End”, Neurobashing – chzwaartzmetaal beat”

Rate: (7½).


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