Meet Our Staff

Side-Line has always worked with a limited but very dedicated staff to make sure that news is added every day of the week (and often even in the weekends) on the site, the Twitter and Facebook domains. Below you can see the people behind the online magazine.

Bernard Van Isacker : Chief Editor

Bernard Van Isacker

Chief Editor

I run Side-Line and take care of the avalanche of news and press releases that reaches us each day via labels, artists, DJs, correspondents, etc. I also make sure that it gets 'filtered' which means: removing promo blabla, double checking facts (and even then things can get wrong :)), deciding which news gets published and which news not. And finally I edit it for web use.

Next to this I take care of everything software related for the website (together with the help of War-N from the heavenly voices band Hungry Lucy and Jan Ronald Stange.)

I used to run several pages for other artists but nowadays focus on Side-Line and the industrial music label Alfa Matrix which I co-run with the former chief editor of Side-Line, Seba Dolimont. Nice disclaimer no? 🙂
Leydi Villegas : Correspondent (Mexico)

Leydi Villegas

Correspondent (Mexico)

My name is Leydi Villegas and I'm from Mexico City. I studied communications and took a photography course in 2005. I currently do adminstrative work at a football licensing company.

I belong to one of those hibrid generations born in the 70's. The ones who lived the evolution from analogue to digital. I am now priviliged to belong to Side-Line's staff as a correspondent in Mexico. Part of my collaboration will be to promote and review local and international concerts, interview artists and share current events.
Stephane Froidcoeur : Freelance reviewer

Stephane Froidcoeur

Freelance reviewer

I joined Side-Line back in 1991 and started writing my first reviews. All over the years I became the main reviewer and interviewer of the magazine. When we decided to stop the printed format I moved on together with Bernard Van Isacker to improve where I started to make a kind of ‘short-interviews’ format, which are more adapted for internet readers.

Beside of Side-Line I got involved in several bands like Nebula-H and FuzeBoxMachine, but my main priority and pleasure always remained to discover and review music. From start on I used the nickname ‘Deranged Psyche’ (DP) to write most of my reviews/interviews.
Rich Bova : Review copy editor

Rich Bova

Review copy editor

For more than 10 years I have had the privilege of copy editing Side+Line music reviews and content for Alfa-Matrix Records. I am also a member of the New York-based band, Neikka RPM.

Jan Ronald Stange : Correspondent (Scandinavia)

Jan Ronald Stange

Correspondent (Scandinavia)

Sometimes - when I'm not cooking, biking, listening to music or attending concerts, I write stuff for Mostly about Norwegian bands, but it's been some Russian, Swedish, English, American, Danish, German and others too... 😉
Elise Din : Correspondent

Elise Din


I started working for Side-Line around 7 years ago, writing reviews and doing interviews. For 3 years now I have also started writing articles on subjects that I think are important. For some reason it's always articles which the other editors consider tricky or politically incorrect. 🙂 So far, so good, Side-Line has given me the freedom to post whatever I want, provided I inform them on what I want to write about.

I also help out Bernard with cleaning out his mailbox, and from time to time I trash news that shouldn't be trashed, but that's the risk of giving me access I guess. When bands or labels complain, it often has to do something with me lol.

Apart from Side-Line I travel a lot and love cooking, just like my colleague Vivi Ball.
DJ Wildhoney : Correspondent (Belgium)

DJ Wildhoney

Correspondent (Belgium)

I started my alternative DJ-career in 1993 in Belgium (later spinning in France, Holland, Germany, Russia, ...) and was also resident-DJ in a German club. In 2007 I became webmaster/social media manager of OOMPH! and later on also for DIE KRUPPS. In that same year I also started working for Side-Line by writing cd reviews, interviews, providing news and taking pictures.

Since 2009 I am percussionist in RevCo World, which is the European version of Revolting Cocks, featuring original founding member Luc Van Acker. Since 2013 I am also co-host of the Belgian alternative radio-program switchbLack. Besides this all my passion is teaching traditional Japanese martial arts and photography.
Viviana Ball : Photographer

Viviana Ball


I am the official photographer of Side-Line and I run Viva Music (Romania) (, Romanian gothic and industrial festival organizer. I am the Editor in Chief of, leading Romanian industrial/gothic music portal. I have a cooking blog ( and I own Wordland International Language and Business Training Center in Bucharest ( More on who I am and what I do on and