Principe Valiente – Oceans ‘Deluxe’ (CD Album – Aenaos Records)

By Oct 16,2019

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Genre/Influences: New-wave, gothic, goth-rock, indie-rock. 

Background/Info: “Oceans” is the third full length album released by the Stockholm-based Principe Valiente. The opus has been also released as vinyl format by Manic Depression Records. The original edit has been released in 2017 and now re-released as a ‘Deluxe’-edition featuring the entire tracklist plus the remixes, which were only available as download. The artwork has been re-edited as well. 

Content: “Oceans” feels a bit like bringing the good-old new-wave spirit back to life. Some of the guitar parts remind me of The Cure (“The Head On The Door”-period), but I also can mention Killing Joke for the harder cuts. But Principe Valiente also add a very own touch and more contemporary approach, which I think might appeal to fans of Placebo. Frontman and singer Fernando Honorato also has a very typical-, kind of deep timbre of voice, which is totally fitting with the dark and evasive style of the music. A few female vocals can be noticed as well. 

The album features 8 songs plus 4 remixes by Mister Monell, Big city Bright Light and New Canyons (2 remixes). The last song is a live piano version of “When I Learned To Crawl”. 

+ + + : Principe Valiente stands for the reincarnation of new-wave music. You can still hear the 80s spirit hanging over the songs while there also is a more personal and contemporary element. The elevating guitar playing is one of the main strengths from this work. But it’s more than simply a great guitarist and talented singer; there’s a great songwriting and global production emerging from this work. That’s why you’ll discover many noticeable songs. There also is a great progression in the structure of the songs. Among the remixes I especially want to recommend the remix of “Strangers In the Night” by  Mister Monell. 

– – – : My only single regret about this album is that there are only 8 songs. I would like to have got more tracks because this work sounds great. I think it could have been cool for this ‘Deluxe’-edit to get at least one exclusive ‘new’ song. 

Conclusion: “Oceans” sounds like a modern new-wave production. But the most important thing is not how you would define this album; it simply is a great piece of music composed by a band, which deserves more recognition!

Best songs: “Untouchable”, “Strangers In The Night”, “When I Learned To Crawl”, “No Time”. 

Rate: (8).

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