We Melt Chocolate – We Melt Chocolate (CD Album – Annibale Records)

By Oct 15,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dream-pop, shoegaze.  

Background/Info: Set up by friends in 2014, We Melt Chocolate has released their official and self-titled debut album. They previously released a demo and a self-released EP. 

Content: From the very first notes you’ll notice the hypnotic guitar playing which constantly comes back during the entire work. Somewhere in between dream-pop and shoegaze “We Melt Chocolate” mixes evasive songs with harder passages while the passionate, but fragile female vocals inject a truly spirit into the work. The songs have something emotional-like and I especially refer to the final cut “Golden Eyes”. Two songs (cf. “12 Hours” and “Everjoy”) have been released as singles.  

+ + + : There’s an interesting symbiosis running through this album, which is created by powerful and hypnotic guitar play at one side and a wafting sensation at the other side. There also is a part of bombast supporting the songs so in the end you get a delicious fusion orchestrated by the tender and fervent vocals. The album only features 8 tracks, but I noticed some heavenly pieces such as “Orange Sky” for its elevating guitar play and the already mentioned “Golden Eyes” for its dreamy apotheosis. 

– – – : I regret there’re only 8 songs on this album. 

Conclusion: This is an interesting new-coming band at planet dream-pop.                      

Best songs: “Orange Sky”, “Golden Eyes”, “Everjoy”. 

Rate: (7½) / 


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