Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell – Dystopia (CD Album – DiN)

By Dec 30,2018

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Genre/Influences: IDM, electro-ambient, cinematographic, experimental.

Background/Info: If you’re a bit familiar with the DiN label you definitely have heard some work of Parallel Worlds (aka Bakis Sirros) and Dave Bessell. They already worked together releasing the album “Morphogenic” in 2012 and are now back on track with “Dystopia”. This work seems to have been inspired by the famous “Neuromancer”-novel from William Gibson.

Content: “Dystopia” is a constant fusion between different music genres. It’s definitely cinematographic-like, but I rather should speak about rhythmic-ambient. But the tracks are both experimental and IDM at the same time.

+ + + : “Dystopia” appears to be an album composed by real sound scientists. The sound treatments running through this work are simply fascinating. It reflects a real sound intelligence, but there also is something ‘authentic’ running through their work. There also is a constant contrast between heavier sound blasts and bombastic arrangements at one side and a meticulous and more refined approach on the other side. The slow cadence running through the songs get it all pretty accessible.

– – – : Experimental music can be very accessible although this work remains something apart from the familiar trends and codes.

Conclusion: I’m more familiar with the work of Parallel Worlds and I must say that this album belongs to the best productions from the Greek composer.  This work has something visionary.

Best songs: “Underclouds”, “Mycelium”, “Into The Distance”, “Cipher”.

Rate: (8).

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