KMFDM – Paradise (CD Album – Metropolis Records)

By Dec 16,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, cross-over, electro-rock.

Background/Info: Sascha Konietzko and his gang, which for this twenty-first full length album, consisted of Lucia Cifarelli, Andy Selway (drums), Andee Blacksugar (guitar) plus good-old guest musician Raymond Watts and Doug Wimbish plus Cheryl Wilson.                       

Content: The line-up has changed, but the real spirit or ‘sound DNA’ of the band hasn’t changed. From the very first notes of the work you recognize the typical KMFDM-sound featuring a powerful balance between electronics and guitar. The sound is hard, sometimes merciless, and also features a few little surprises like some rap vocal parts (cf. “K-M-F”). Another interesting and surprising cut is the title song. It’s a rather long piece taking off with brutal power and progressively moving towards a down-tempo passage featuring a trumpet sound. The lyrical content of the song also is a reaction against the dystopian society we’re living in. I also noticed a more dubby experience right at the end (cf. “No God”). KMFDM remains power, provocation and fun for the dancefloors!

+ + + : KMFDM remains faithful to their ‘industrial’ sound. They’ve released countless albums, some I don’t really remember, and some that are masterpieces and “Paradise” definitely belongs to the second category! The songs are hard, but accomplished. There’s a perfect twist between guitar and electronics. It all sounds complementary and in a symbiotic state. It’s a bit similar with the vocals’ production; Sascha Konietzko remains the lead singer, but the female backings and duos create a great match. There are many great songs featured on this album, which clearly sounds as its title indicates: a sonic ‘paradise’!

– – – : I noticed one single song that couldn’t really convince me (cf. “Binge Boil & Blow”).

Conclusion: KMFDM is what I would call a safe bet! They never disappoint and often get the fans excited. No doubt about it, “Paradise” will bring them full satisfaction!

Best songs: “Paradise”, “Disturb The Peace”, “K-M-F”, “Automaton”, “No Regret”.

Rate: (8½).

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