LPF 12 – A Calm Heart Beating (Digital Album – LPF12)

By Dec 16,2019

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, electro-ambient.

Background/Info: Sascha Lemon is one of those prolific artists unleashing every single year an impressive number of productions. I recently discovered the album “An integral Part Of Nothing”, which I personally consider his best work that he has ever made. And here’s already a new album featuring seven new tracks.

Content: The previous album featured songs inspired by IDM, and a few that are into cinematic music. “A Calm Heart Beating” moves on this soundtrack-inspired way revealing the most cinematic production from LFP 12 to date. The opening piece is really interesting for the input of good-old analogue sounds and effects. The song moves over the 11 minutes mark, but you never get the feeling of boredom. It sounds into reverie and that’s precisely what this work is all about. But it moves much further than simply an ambient trip. The tracks have been accomplished with numerous little crispy noises and other manipulations.

+ + + : LPF 12 again moves into another direction than its previous work. The cinematic side is not exactly an innovation for Sascha Lemon, but he clearly becomes more and more interested in it. The way he accomplished the debut track (cf. “Daylight Does Not Save Us”) again took me by surprise. It sounds a bit like a kind of apology to analogue sound treatments, but in the end it simply sounds great! The songs have been meticulously worked out and achieved with subtle arrangements you better can discover by using headphones. I also recommend listening to “Let No One Tell You Story” and “We Make The World Go Quiet”.

– – – : I personally prefer the IDM approach of LPF 12 instead of this cinematic production, but in the Sascha Lemon feels comfortable dealing with different styles.

Conclusion: LPF 12 is prolific, but remains fascinating because he avoids repeating himself while holding on to a high-quality level! Why doesn’t this project get more recognition?

Best songs: “Daylight Does Not Save Us”, “Let No One Tell You Story”, “We Make The World Go Quiet”.

Rate: (7½).

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