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Casino Music, What it is, Why it’s There

By Oct 17,2019

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How Has Music In Casinos Evolved Over The Decades?

For years background music has been used in casinos helping to set the ambience playing an essential role in creating the type of atmosphere the casino owners want for their establishment.

Creating the right ‘mood’ helps those gambling to feel more relaxed and at home during their sessions to such an extent that sometimes the music played is not even noticed by the gamblers even though study after study have shown that the type of music or even music in general can have a real influence on human behaviour.

The Reasons Behind the Music Played in Casinos

As mentioned above, music has been proved to affect or in some cases alter the human state of mind – even behaviour can be altered when different music is played.

Think about going shopping. Have you ever noticed how when a supermarket is empty the background music is slow and relaxed which encourages shoppers to take their time and browse? Take the same store on a busy night and the music will be quite differernt – it will be quick and upbeat which encourages shoppers to move through the store more quickly.

If this theory is applied to gamblers who play mobile casino games who are subjected to steady, low-tempo music will display an increased persistence in gambling by taking their time and sometimes placing a larger number of bets than they would usually do.

Alternatively, when subjected to more high-tempo music gambling behaviour was shown to be more intense with reaction times to bets being much quicker.

Within the Modern Casino

Today the modern casinos leave very few details overlooked with almost every single aspect being thoroughly thought through before being applied.

You will find no clocks on the wall and drinks will be refiled before players have even noticed they are running low.

Lighting is dimmed and the ‘right’ type of music will be played – usually from two definite types.

Usually outside the main gaming floor live music is played, but for the main gaming area background music is deemed the most suitable – in order to create a certain mood and atmosphere and of course this music is always subject to being altered as the managers see fit.

The Impact

Whether music is used in casinos to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment or it is used to alter the way gamblers play, it’s safe to say that music has always played an important part in casino life. There are some players that are even using their own music via portable devices in order to affect the way that they play – and interesting concept and one the casinos might look into in more detail.


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