V/A AnalogueTrash Label Sampler Vol.2 (CD Album – AnalogueTrash Records)

By Oct 6,2016

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, body-pop, electro-ambient.

AnalogueTrash Label Sampler Vol.2Background/Info: Based in Manchester (UK), AnalogueTrash Records is one of the few growing labels from the past few years. The label is mainly devoted to electronic-pop music and has already released multiple cool releases and at the same time made us discover promising new bands. This label sampler mixes familiar label bands and a few, new discoveries as well.

Bands: Machinista, IIOIOIOII, FoxxyNewPort, Advance, Neonsol, SYD.31, Atomzero, Def Neon, Vain Machine, Vieon, Needle Factory, Factory Acts ao.

Content: This label sampler clearly reveals the taste of the label, which is mainly centered on electro-pop driven standards. The label roster features world-wide formations, but mainly British and American bands.

AnalogueTrash is not exactly into the ‘traditional’ synth-pop standards, but opens a window upon bands mixing elements of pop with dance music and groovy sequences. There also is an interesting number of space-ambient-like minded bands while others are more into darker pop formats and even a kind of electro-rock and pop music.

The sampler reveals a selection of already familiar tracks, but still an interesting number of remixes.

+ + + : A label sampler always is an opportunity to get a better view of their roster and AnalogueTrash definitely features great ‘pop-troops’ driven by carrying pop of Machinista, the sexy dance-pop of FoxxyNewPort, the dark dance-pop of Neonsol, the heavier and into power-like SYD.31 and a more experimental and minimal-sounding remix of Atomzero. Among the few bands, which aren’t (yet) signed on the label I discovered the interesting Tregenza, which also made the aforementioned remix of Atomzero.

– – – : This label sampler is fully enjoyable although the bands aren’t always featured with their best cuts… even if this is a question of taste. The label also seems to be mainly focused on finding new bands while they’re maybe missing an already recognized and more famous band, which could increase the fame of the label.

Conclusion: AnalogueTrash Records is a label is fully respect and support, not only because they’re revealing promising new bands with a great taste of music, but also because it’s one of the few, new labels from the past years bringing us something extra.

Best bands: FoxxyNewPort, Factory Acts, Machinista, SYD.31, Neonsol, Atomzero.

Rate: (7½).

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