V/A Anthology Of Post Industrial Music From Balkan Region (Album – Unexplained Sounds Group)

By Oct 18,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Ambient, Ritual, Cinematographic.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Italian label Unexplained sounds Group moves on with the exploration of music scenes from specific regions and countries in the world. We this time embark for a voyage to the Balkan represented by artists from Greece, Romania, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Slovenia, Macedonia. The CD features eleven tracks while you’ll get ten extra cuts on the digital format.

Artists: Cadlag, Kaosmos, Ontervjabbit, Mytrip, Pureh, Plamen Vecnosti, Atouck And Ziazin, Jeton Hoxha, Mørket, Adonai Atrophia, Siberian Saga.

Content: Most of the tracks are clearly inspired by Dark-Ambient, but there are some little extras and differences here and there. Some passages are mixing the Ambient music with noises, others are more into Cinematographic style while the last cut of the CD has something Ritual-like.

+ + + : I first of all have to mention the opener of this work by Cadlag, which is featured with an exceptional cut. It’s an overwhelming track that moves crescendo reaching its ultimate point after more than 10 minutes of apocalyptic terror. There are more great cuts featured, but all fall behind the Cadlag cut. The common thread between most of the artists is the oppressive atmosphere supporting this work. Most of the tracks are also elaborated, and you’ve to use headphones to discover the little details of the compositions. I refer to the tracks by Mytrip, Jeton Hoxha and Mørket. The last track by Siberian Saga is a cool Ritual apotheosis.

Among the bonus cuts of the digital edit I also recommend the extra cut by Cadlag and the obscure piece by KSVLKSV.

– – – : Even if the extra tracks from the digital release are less convincing, I however recommend listening to it. So in the end it’s a pity this album hasn’t been released as a double CD.

Conclusion: Is there a kind of Balkan Ambient sound? When listening to this compilation I would say ‘yes’; it remains Dark-Ambient music, but most of the tracks sound more sophisticated than the classical production in the genre.

Best bands: Cadlag, Siberian Saga, Jeton Hoxha, Mørket + KSVLKSV.

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