Digital Energy – Nostalgia (EP – Infacted Recordings)

By Oct 18,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: German duo Digital Energy last year struck back with their first album (cf. “Tempest”) in eleven years. I have to admit I wasn’t that impressed by the album. They now move back to the album with the “Nostalgia”-EP featuring mainly remixes.

Content: Digital Energy is one of those Synth-Pop bands clearly inspired by Depeche Mode. The global approach and some of the treatments are clearly emulating the masters of the genre. Five songs from the last album have been exposed to the remix skills of other artists while there also is a remix of a song from their debut album (cf. “Interemotional”) and one exclusive song.

Remixes have been accomplished by Rob Dust, Wave In Head, Croona, People Theatre, The Psychic Force, AD:Key and S.E.Pell. Notice by the way the band made some alternative edits of a few songs as well.

+ + + : There’s an interesting diversity of remixes thanks to the different artists. One of the best songs however is the exclusive “Take A Ride” revealing a club-orientated format; danceable and catchy Electro-Pop! Another club-friendly song is the remix of “Nostalgia” by People Theatre. In an EBM driven direction you’ll hear the AD:Key remix of “Trust”. Another attention grabber is the “Club Version” of “Unite!”, which sounds much more convincing than on the album. The last song, which is a remix of “Nostalgia / Disease” is an original work by S.E.Spell featuring bombastic treatments and the perfect final song for the EP.

– – – : I’m less convinced by the melancholic pieces/remixes, which are closer in the vein of the original edits. I also expected a bit more out of the remixes from Rob Dust who’s normally featuring great, clubby remixes.

Conclusion: This EP reconciles me a bit with Digital Energy, “Nostalgia” being much more exciting than the album.

Best songs: “Take A Ride”, “Nostalgia – People Theatre’s Mirror Mix”, “Trust – AD:Key Remix”, “Unite! – Club Version”.

Rate: (7½).


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