Tomb Of Druids by ProtoU, Aegri Somnia, Dead Melodies, Ager Sonus, Creation VI (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Jan 2,2018

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, experimental.

Background/Info: This is what I would call a typical release on cryo Chamber featuring several projects from the label roster. It also is the third chapter in the “Tomb”-series based upon druidic history.

Content: You can hear each artist took care to accomplish a poignant piece of music. It’s maybe hard to find back the ‘druidic’ concept, but the dark-ambient and experimental approach is rapidly coming through. Field recordings and dark sonic vibes have been mixed. From the sophisticated and experimental work of ProtoU to the dark abyssal universe of Aegri Somnia to the pure haunting cinematographic world of Dead Melodies to the overwhelming sound treatments of Ager Sonus and the nasty sound darkness of Creation VI this opus has a lot to offer.

+ + + : I have to admit this is the kind of work you have to discover in the right circumstances. You’ve to relax and simply listen to the music without being occupied with something else. It’s the perfect way to catch the real depth of this work. It doesn’t sound like a compilation, it’s more like a conceptual release around one single theme. All tracks make sense, but I maybe have a little preference for the final track by Creation VI revealing a kind of sonic web that is progressively possessing you. I also have to mention the opening cut by ProtoU, which is the most sophisticated one.

– – – : My single regret is that I can’t find any single link with the conceptual theme of the work. I think it would have been more appropriated to find some ‘ritual’-minded bands.

Conclusion: This is not a regular compilation and yet it’s a kind of compilation. Here already starts the confusion, which will be only accentuated by the work of the artists.

Best bands: Creation VI, ProtoU.

Rate: (7½).

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