The Opposer Divine – Reverse//Human (CD Album – Aliens Productions)

By Apr 18,2016

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Genre/Influences: Electro-ambient.

The Opposer Divine – Reverse//HumanBackground/Info: Boris Mutina aka The Opposer Divine (TOD) is back on track unleashing the 4th album (and 2nd CD album) of his project. Boris remains involved as the live keyboardist in Terminal State, which seems to have new work in the pipeline.

Content: The previous work “Barb Wire Around Your Neck” was an accomplished and intelligent piece of work. “Reverse//Human” moves on a similar path although the global composing becomes a bit more electro-ambient like. The tracks are supported by great and overwhelming astral atmospheres while a low tone percussion carries the songs. The composition remains pretty sophisticated and built up with numerous layers. I sometimes get the impression of hearing a sonic hybrid between Frontline Assembly and Haujobb. But the ambient aspect might also remember of earlier Delerium work.

The main strength of this album is the true passion of the artist for sound creation. The work reveals multiple manipulation featuring scratching sounds, dark treatments, heavy blasts, guitar samples and delicate arrangements. The whispering production of the vocals brings an extra intriguing and somewhat spooky aspect to the production.

+ + + : This album reveals a high level of sound intelligence. This work has been clearly composed with patience and passion. The mix of ambient atmospheres and low rhythms is well-balanced.

– – – : The complexity of the work might be an obstacle for music freaks fascinated by the usual dark standards and cheap clichés.

Conclusion: “Reverse//Human” is the kind of album belonging to electro-ambient music for future generations. It’s an avant-garde composition revealing an impressive number of fascinating pieces.

Best songs: “War”, “Human//Animal”, “Magnetic Shield”, “Last Messiah”, “Deceit Of The Saints”.

Rate: (8). /


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