The Opposer Divine – Barb Wire Around Your Neck (Digital Album – Aliens Production)

By Jun 6,2015

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-electronics, electro-ambient, ritual.

The Opposer DivineContent: The Opposer Divine is not exactly what I what call a familiar name active in the scene. But behind this solo-project hides Boris Multina (live keyboardist of Terminal State).

After 2 previous digital albums The Opposer Divine (T.O.D.) joined hands together with Aliens Production to unleash this first CD-album featuring 11 songs. We got the digital format featuring 3 extra cuts. From the very first notes it becomes clear that T.O.D. deals with minimal electro structures and intelligent treatments. The work is sophisticated, sometimes a bit complex and filled with multiple haunting sound atmospheres. There’s a mysterious atmosphere hanging over the album, which even makes it pretty ritual at some parts. Some extra spooky, whispering like vocals only empower the haunting flavor hanging over this work.

The first part of the album is absolutely magnificent. The mixture between different styles is absolutely remarkable. One of the absolute highlights is a remix of “Proxima” by Terminal State. It’s not that usual to discover a remix right in the beginning of an album, but there’s no real rule about it. The original version of this song is pretty cold and I dare to say sexy while the remix reflects an interesting ritual touch. There are a few more remixes (2 of them in the digital format), but I especially recommend the somewhat industrial-like and IDM-minded remix of the title track by Pyrroline.

The original version of “Barb Wire Around Your Neck” is quite noticeable as well and reveals a fascinating minimal-electro style.
“Fire On The Wings” is another noticeable cut. This song perfectly reflects the different influences running through the work, but it mainly shows the great sound arrangements this work has been made with. There also is a cool guitar-like sound running through this cut. “False Divinity” is another track to watch out for. Most of the songs have been driven by a low cadence, which injects this kind of sexy touch to the work. I like the twist between this sensual element and the darker, somewhat mysterious atmospheres emerging from the work.

Conclusion: Aliens Production remains a real reference when you want to discover intelligent electronics. The Opposer Divine has now become a member of this restricted, but quality circle.

Best songs: “Proxima – Overload Remix by Terminal State”, “Proxima”, “Barb Wire Around Your Neck – Pyrroline Remix”, “Fire On The Wings”, “False Divinity”.

Rate: (DP:8)DP.


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