V/A Hyperthermia (Digital Album – Aliens Production)

By Jun 6,2015

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Genre/Influences: IDM, minimal-electronics, electro-ambient.

HyperthermiaBands: Flint Glass, Mnemonic, Atiq & Enk, Oxyd, Disharmony, T.O.D., Totakeke, ISH, Mind Divided, Polygon, Headdreamer ao.

Content: Aliens Production is one of the labels, which dares to innovate by introducing intelligent electronic projects. From IDM to minimal-electronics to sophisticate ambient to electro-industrial and a few related genres for the ride there are enough albums and names I discovered on the label roster and, which totally satisfied me. So you’ll understand my excitement when discovering this album featuring (for the digital format) 18 bands and 20 tracks.

T.O.D. and Polygon got the privilege to be featured with 2 songs.
It would take me too long analyzing each band and song, but the least I can say is that “Hyperthermia” features many outstanding and fascinating cuts. If you’re already familiar with the label’s roster you for sure will know most of the bands, but there are always a few little surprises. The Opposer Divine (T.O.D.) which recently joined Aliens Production is one of those promising discoveries opening this sampler a refreshing electro-ambient way.

Basementgrrr is one of the hottest bands featured at this sampler. The band released a few productions on Raumklang Music and delivers here a terrific electro-ambient cut composed by overwhelming sound treatments. Disharmony is one of the label’s uncontested flag holders and already reveals a fine and somewhat dreamy electro-ambient approach. Flint Glass is another noticeable band, which reminds me a bit of the industrial-tribal style of This Morn’ Omina.

A few more attention grabbers have been unleashed by Atiq & Enk and the not always that familiar Huron project. I also have to mention the minimal electronics composed by Polygon and the somewhat sensual and into reverie Headdreamer. There’s definitely enough great stuff to discover at “Hyperthermia”. Notice by the way that this album is also available as CD format.

Conclusion: “Hyperthermia” stands for the most sophisticated and intelligent forms of electro-underground music.

Best bands: Flint Glass, Basementgrrr, Disharmony, T.O.D., Polygon, Atiq & Enk, Huron, Stasis Device.

Rate: (DP:8½)DP.

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