L’objet – Toucan (Vinyl Album – Structure Records)

By Jul 16,2015

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Genre/Influences: Krautrock, cinematographic, abstract, psychedelic-rock.

L'ObjetContent: The French band L’Objet has already been active for a couple of years, but I have to admit I never heard of them before.
It’s not that easy to define their music as one particular style. It seems that they simply call it instrumental-rock while media speaks about krautrock. There’s no real definition, but reality probably lays somewhere in between different descriptions. The main characteristic however is the instrumental format of the compositions, which are mainly carried by guitar and achieved by electronic arrangements. It also creates an experimental sound, which makes it all a bit abstract-like. It moves a bit from abstract towards cinematographic and I refer to “Abidjan”, which is a cool song in the genre. I guess it’s not of a coincidence if the illustration on the front cover was taken from a movie, L’Objet also making ‘ciné-concerts’.
“Toucan” features 6 songs, which on the 2nd part progressively moves into more psychedelic fields. I enjoyed the opening cuts, but the psychedelic touch –which vaguely evokes some good-old 60s & 70s souvenirs, is more exciting. The final song (cf. “Toucan”) is a real masterpiece for the perfect balance between deep bass sounds and the organ playing create this touch of psychedelic. “Wave” is another interesting cut for being more into modernism although holding on the psychedelic touch. I here also like the mix of deep, electronic sounds and guitar riffs that join in.

Conclusion: An interesting and creative piece of music evoking multiple genres and influences.

Best songs: “Toucan”, “Abidjan”, “Wave”.

Rate: (Elise Din:7)Elise Din.





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