Gambling Song: Music in Casino Industry, Best Music-Themed Slots, Songs About Gambling Luck

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Music can be said to be an integral part of gambling, especially casinos. Many land-based casinos organize musical concerts and live shows in casinos. Likewise, there are online slot games that integrate musical themes. There are also pokies games that are inspired by music and have musical backgrounds. The role of music in gambling is essential to inspire players and to help them maintain focus. There have been many performers that sang about gambling. These songs have become either an online slot theme or a regular play in land-based casinos.

Casino Music Playlist | Top 5 Country Songs About Gambling

There are also different country songs with a gambling theme. These songs, over time, have served as motivation to gamblers; some of these songs are highlighted below:

№5. Waking Up in Vegas – Kathy Perry

Released: April 21, 2009

Genre: Pop rock

It is a single from Kathy Perry, while the producers are Greg’s Well and Andreas Carlsson. This song was originally produced in 2006 but was not released until 2009. It is a pop song narrating the experience of young couples exploring Vegas and spending money.

№4. Luck Be a Lady – Frank Loesser

Released: 1950 

Genre: Jazz

It is one of the oldest country casino songs as it was first released in the year 1950 by Frank Loesser. After then, this song was performed by various artists after its integration into the musical Guys and Dolls. It is a story of a gambler, Sky Masterson, hoping to win a gamble which is the only way to save his relationship with his dream girl.

№3. Snake Eyes – Alvin Red Tyler

Released: 1959

Genre: Blues

This country song was released in 1989 by Arista Records. It is a gambling theme song by Alvin Red Tyler Project, a popular rock band in the British. Snake Eyes the turn of a friendly card is a statement that means a roll of dice, with one being the outcome on each die in the crap game.

№2. A Little Less Conversation Elvis Presley

Released: September 3, 1968

Genre: Rock

It was released in 1986 by Elvis Presley, an American pop-country song singer. It was originally written by Billy Strange and Mac Davis and was produced by Gladys Music. This music has several covers from different artists and has been given a gambling theme on different occasions.

№1. Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley

Released: April 28, 1964

Genre: Rock and roll • pop

This popular one among country gambling songs recorded by Elvis Presley in 1964. It was initially written by Mort Shuman and Doc Pomus for a film with the same title. Since then, this song has become a popular song adapted for gambling across Las Vegas, and it has been performed in different land-based casinos.

Best Casino Themed Songs

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Similarly, there are exciting songs that are gambling themed explicitly. Over time, this song has become the favourite of many gamblers and has featured in many land-based casinos; some of these songs are as follows:

blankKenny Rogers – The Gambler. The Gambler by American country singer Kenny Rogers was released in 1978. Since then, it has been sung by many other artists, which made this song top charts in the US. It narrates the story of a man called The Gamblers who was out of aces and was giving advice on when to hold and when to fold your card.

blankSting – Shape of My Heart. The British musician Sting performed Shape of My Heart, and it was released in 1993. Gordon Summer and Dominic Miller are credited with writing this record. It is a story of a gambler playing a card game to demystify a mystery of luck.

blankKatty Perry – Waking Up in Vegas. It was released in 2009 against the fact that it was produced 3 years early. It was one of the most widely accepted country songs with a gambling theme because it was more recent than its contemporaries. This song features the story of two lovers and their experience in Las Vegas gambling scenes.

blankDire Straits – Money For Nothing. Dire Straits is a British rock band that has this song on their album called Brothers in Arms. It was released in 1985, ending up as number 4 on the top rock chart for that year. This record features the story of a young man struggling to make ends meet.

Slot Machine Music Sound in Popular Games

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Slot games are characterised by their special features. One of these features is the background sound. While some games’ background sound depicts moves and winning, other games integrate popular musical sounds. Also, some feature them of a popular song; some of these slots are:

1. Singing In The Rain is a fantastic music-themed slot game. It is a game that features an American musical-comedy movie. Aside from musical themes, there are a lot of features to enjoy, including a jackpot game.

2. Heidi Bier Haus song is so popular in Germany. This song has been integrated into a slot, maintaining the German style of music. Not only are you going to enjoy gambling, but you will also fall in love with this music and the beautiful barmaids’ themes. This Bier Haus slot no download by WMS is very popular with Australian players, you can also try your luck at

3. The Hangover is one of the most successful movies of all time. What made the film an exceptional one is the numerous themes involved, including music. The IGT recreates a slot game maintaining     characters’ sounds as used in this film. Have you ever heard the Hangover casino song?

4. Chaos Crew free casino slot games for fun is a game extraordinarily designed by Hacksaw Gaming. This game was built explicitly with different soundtracks so it is impossible not to fall in love with it if you are a lover of music.

5. Dean Martin slot is a game that illustrates poolside life. This game integrates all entertainment styles, including music. It all centred on Dean Martin, a known music and movie producer. The popular Dean Martin slot machine song sets it apart from others.

6. Lil Devil song is a popular song produced by The Cult. This song served as a motivation for Big Time Gaming to create free slots to play, integrating the sounds. This music slot machine features a western theme and other interesting features for a good gaming experience.

Music Themed Slots: Best Free Online Slots Machines

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There are numerous online free slots games integrating music themes. These games are some of the most interesting slot games to try out due to their uniqueness. In contrast, some integrate pictures and scenes from a music video or of a musician. Some integrate soundtracks from the most famous pop songs of all time. Highlighted below are some of the music-themed slots you may want to try out:

1. Dancing Drum by Shuffle Master. It is a game featuring a Chinese theme, including the dancing drum symbols. This game is heavily loaded with sounds of drums that can be thrilling while you play.

2. Sabaton by Play’n Go. The free slots online was built after a popular musical band in Sweden known as Sabaton. This pokie equally features instrumentals from this band’s songs and images of the artists.

3. Guns N’ Roses by NetEnt. It is a game that integrates numerous guitar riffs. A guitar lover will love to play free slots for fun and enjoy the guitar sounds that accompany it.

4. Karaoke Party by Microgaming. This musical theme slot features a sound indicating a typical karaoke party. As you play, you can listen to your favourite songs and then sing along. This is somewhat similar to Michael Jackson free slots games, which is so popular among players.

5. Motorhead by NetEnt. It was built after the popular musical band with the same name. This album features instrumentals and sounds from music from this band. Such songs are the Ace of spades by Lemmy Kilmister.

6. Elvis Lives by WMS. It is a game created after the pop music legend Micheal Jackson. You will enjoy the retro look of Micheal Jackson and some of his songs while playing.

7. The Phantom of the Opera by Microgaming. Itslots online free is another musical theme from the stable of. This slot was created after a popular musical movie. You can enjoy original songs from the movie while playing your game.

8. Dolly Parton by IGT. The software developer then made a slot game after the musician. Aside from featuring her pictures, this free slot to play for fun also features different songs from the icon.

Best Gambling Music: Gambling Song Compilation

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Many artists release songs to explicitly target gamblers. These best casino songs are either a sound to motivate a gambler to play or keep up a high spirit. Sounds are also powerful to serve as a cushion effect during gambling loss. The following are the best gambling music you should listen to:

  • Vegas Lights – Panic! At The DiscoRob Mathes. Panic at the Disco is an American pop song studio with Bredon Urie and Dallon Weekes. The duo performed Vegas Light, which Butch Walker produced. It was recorded in 2012 but was released in October 2013. This record combines the experiences in Vegas, both as exciting as the winning expectation of a gambler.
  • Take a Chance on Me – ABBA. The ABBA is a pop group consisting of different Swedish singers and songwriters. Take a Chance on Me was sung by Benny Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, who also produced it. This record was released in Sweden in January 1978, while it was released in the US in April 1978. It seeks to motivate a gambler to keep taking that chance.
  • Luck Be A Lady – Frank Sinatra. Luck Be a Lady is a song originally written and sung by Frank Sinatra in 1950. It was later performed in America by Robert Alda. This song was featured in different films and on different occasions. It is a song of hope for a gambler narrating the story of a man hoping for a good outcome to save his relationship with his lady.
  • Easy Money – Billy Joel. Easy Money is one of the tracks in the ninth album of Billy Joel called Innocent Man. This record was released in August 1983. Billy Joel is a popular American songwriter notable for his soul music style. Easy Money is exceptional in motivating a gambler to have an assurance of easy money when he hits jackpots. Did you know slot machine jackpot music sounds like a victory sound?
  • Poker Face by Lady Gaga. Poker Face was released on September 28 as part of the track in Lady Gaga’s debut album, The fame. Lady Gaga is a popular American synth-pop star. Poker Face was originally written by Stefani Germanotta and Nadir Khayat and was produced by Redone Studio. There are many songs about poker and gambling popular all over the world.

Songs About Gambling That Are Popular Through The Year

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There are certain songs about gambling addiction that are evergreen. Gamblers of different ages have constantly listened to those songs. They have also been in the regular playlist of land-based casinos, such music is:

  • Aces of Spade – Hayseed Dixie. Hayseed Dixie’s Aces of Spade is one of the best gambling songs of all time. This song, originally written by Motorhead, was performed by Hayseed Dixie in 2004. The Hayseed Dixie version has then become the most played cover of it.
  • Molly Hatchet – Beating The Odd. Molly Hatchet’s Beating The Odd is an all-time gambling classic released in September 1980. Tom Werner and Pat Armstrong produced this America’s epic single.
  • The Angel and The Gambler – Iron Maiden. The Angel and The Gambler is one of the singles in Iron Maiden’s album Virtual XI. This song was released in March 1988 in London.
  • Casino Boogie – Rolling Stones. Rolling Stones is a London rock band with the evergreen song Casino Boogie. This single, which was released in May 1972, was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.
  • The Gambler – Kenny Rogers. Kenny Rogers’ Gambler is one of the best gambling songs of all time. The American singer released this single in November 1978 and made it a favourite for gamblers.

Play Free Slots Online With Music Celebrities

  • Microgaming software still holds the credit of developing another exciting slot game, Lady in Red music themed games. It features a nightclub experience with a lot of singing. The Lady in Red love ballad is a sound to enjoy while playing.
  • Bally Technology produced a music themed slot, Micheal Jackson. This slot game was created to mirror life and enjoy different top songs from Micheal Jackson.
  • Deadmau5 is a superstar DJ/music producer from Canada. Microgaming then developed a slot game after this DJ. This Deadmau5 slot machine integrates pictures of popular singles.
  • Jimi Hendrix is a popular American guitarist, songwriter, and composer. NetEnt decided to make a slot game to feature his music. The musical-themed slot then features top songs of Jimi Hendrix and his pictures as symbols.
  • Hammerfall is a spectacular free online slot games Agame created by Play ‘n’Go. This pokie was created after a popular pop music band in Sweden known for the same name. You are advised to turn up your volume as it features different songs from this band.
  • DJ Wild is a musical-themed slot created by ELK Studio. It is a mobile game featuring the activities of a DJ on different occasions. You can enjoy endless sounds when you play this game.
  • Rock and Roll was created by Multislot. This slot is explicitly a music theme game with different musical sounds. It integrates sounds from different musical instruments when playing.
  • No Limit City developed the Punk Rock free online slot machines free online. This pokie is all about the Punk era with exciting features and images. Likewise, this game integrates the quality sounds needed to keep players entertained while playing.

Best Music Concerts at World-Famous Casinos

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For a long time, music has become an inseparable thing from casinos. All land-based casinos feature some music concerts. These concerts are essential to keep players and visitors entertained. Some of the best music concerts in famous casinos are discussed below:

  1. Foxwood Resort Casino is located in Mashantucket, Connecticut, and it is one of the most popular in the city. It serves as a host for a series of concerts and musical shows. Some popular concerts in this casino are Revivalist, Pitbull, and Rick Ross’s performance.
  2. Spirit Mountain Casino is a popular casino in Grand Ronde, Oregon. This casino has played host to different popular concerts and still hosts more. Popular concerts in Spirit Mountain Casino are Ashley Monroe, Kenny Loggins, and Gladys Knight’s shows.
  3. Tulalip Resort Casino is a popular casino in Tulalip, Washington State. Here you can enjoy the most exciting musical concerts in a land-based casino. Some popular concerts in this casino are The Beat Frequency, Big Engvall, and The Machine-Seattle.
  4. Mohegan Sun Casino is a world-class land-based casino situated in Connecticut. It has hosted a series of award-winning events, including musical concerts. You can enjoy concerts like the Pentatonix show and Taylor Swift concerts in Mohegan Sun.
  5. Rivers Casino is located in Schenectady in New York City. It played host to numerous concerts in the past and is still hosting some. You can find such concerts as Party with Funk Evolution, Johnny Grill show, and Aaron Lewis concert in Rivers Casino.

Best Sounds In-Game

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Sounds in-game are of utmost importance. These songs do more than entertain players while playing games. Sounds can also serve different functions depending on the type of game. As such, different games integrate different sounds, especially in online games; some of these sounds are explained below:

– Casino sounds: Each casino game is designed with peculiar sounds. Players must pay attention to those sounds while playing. There are different casino slot machine music sounds for actions like a win, loss, or bonus game.

– Slot machine sounds: Free slot play for fun integrates sounds more than any other game in casinos. Sounds in slot machines are declared to be hypnotising by experts. There is a triumphant sound during wins and a sound that cheers you up during losses. The so-called slot machine song is the difference among others.

– Roulette also has sounds attributed to it. The most spectacular sound is that of the Roulette wheel, which indicates its movement. In online Roulette, you can find a cheering sound when players win.

– Casino noises are another form of sound you will find in casino games. These noises are background sounds of people cheering up players. Sometimes it can also be a noise of celebration during wins or regret during losses.

– Slot machine payout sound is the most exciting one players want to hear. This sound can be dropping coins in some games. It can also be a money counting machine indicating payment of a massive amount of money. Players look forward to slot machine winning music every time.

– Poker machine sound is a kind of suspenseful sound in a game. Poker machines sometimes integrate a winning sound or a losing sound. It can be a cheering sound or a regretful sound.

Casino Live Music: Best Live Music Casino

Live music and songs in casino is the live performance of musicians in casino grand halls. This act is an attempt to keep players motivated and to inspire more visits from potential players. Live music performance is prominent in many casinos these days. The following are top land-based casinos you can enjoy live music:

  • Pala Casino Resort and Spa is one of the largest land-based casinos in San Diego, California. It is a casino house with a centre bar and theatres. It can be said to be one with the highest number of live performances. Different live music and songs from casino like The Reel Band, Stefan Hillesheim Band, Blue Rockit Band, Jazmine Rogers Band, and a host of others are performed in this casino.
  • Golden Nugget is a beautiful and stylish land-based casino in Atlantic City. Just adjacent to the grand ballroom, this casino has stage performances. As such, players can enjoy different energy-filled live performances from music stars. Golden Nugget organises random live shows, including Garry Puckett and the Union Gap show, Tribute band show, and other interesting performances.
  • The Sam’s Town Casino, now known as Laughlin River Lodge Casino, is situated in Nevada, US. The 25-storey building features a huge game room with an arena for live performance. Various artists casino songs and performers, including DJs, are allowed to perform in this casino. Notable live performances in Sam’s Town are Roxy Honky-tonk performance and the Las Vegas tribute festival.
  • Red Rock Casino is a Las Vegas land-based casino at the Green Valley ranch. This casino is notable for its wonderful restaurants, spas, and amazing gaming hall. The gaming arena has a stage for live performances and music to keep the gamblers entertained. Popular performances in Red Rock Casino are DJ Dig Dug performance, DJ Quira live show, Jackie Wiatrowski performance, and DJ L1 show.
  • Bellagio Fountain Casino is a huge Resort located in the Las Vegas strip, Paradise. It is a popular centre of attraction in the United States with its amazing water fountain to entertain guests. This casino offers a free show where songs from different artists are performed daily. Music from popular artists like Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Celine Dion, Micheal Jackson, and Whitney Houston are performed in Bellagio Fountain Casino.

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