Frontier Guards – Reload (Album – Aliens Production)

By Mar 25,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Ambient, Minimal-Electro, IDM, EBM, Industrial.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Martin Pavlík has been active under the Frontier Guards moniker for several years now. The Czech artist has released five full length albums so far, revealing an intelligent Electronic composition, which mixes different genres together. “Reload” was released at the end of last year and features different remixes by other artists, and also includes a few exclusive cuts.

Content: The album features 11 remixes from songs that are going back to the debut album of Frontier Guards plus 3 new cuts and 1 cover version from a Czech Hardcore/Rock band Insania. Remixes have been accomplished by Amnistia; ISH, KIFOTH, MC1R, Terminal State, Tokee, Vaclav Neckar, Last Influence Of Brain, Jihad and Jan Vozary (2 remixes). The result is a pretty diversified work wherein each band tries to inject its own touch and style. The cover version of Insania definitely sounds as the heaviest cut from the work. The ‘new’ songs remind me of early Skinny Puppy, mixing Dark-Electro together with Industrial sound treatments. Each song is featuring a guest singer.

+ + + : I’m not a huge fan of remixes, but this work reveals a few brilliant ones. Terminal State did a great job remixing “Dark Age” into EBM. Tokee transformed “Last Breath” into an accomplished Minimal-Electro format. Last Influence Of Brain holds on the intelligence of “Transcendental Experiment”. The new songs are still pretty cool and especially this early Skinny Puppy touch at “Reload” featuring Patrik Lev (Depressive Disorder) and “Trajectory Of Life” featuring  Tomas Mutina (Terminal State) are real great songs.

– – – : There’re always a few remixes, which can’t totally convince, but globally speaking this album stands for diversity so in the end, everyone will find something to its taste.

Conclusion: I can only say Frontier Guards is a great artist inspiring other artists to accomplish great remixes.

Best songs: “Last Breath – Tokee Remix”, “Dark Age – Terminal State Remix”, “Transcendental Experiment – LIOB Remix”, “Reload”, “Trajectory Of Life”.

Rate: (8).

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