K-Nitrate – Kiloton Endgame (Album – K-Nitrate)

By Mar 26,2021

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, Techno.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: I’ll always link K-Nitrate with their hard and merciless early years when their sound was simply called ‘crossover’. The British formation has already been active since 1993 and moves on terrorizing the scene with their hard Industrial style. “Kiloton Endgame” brings eight new songs, the band has introduced as ‘we wanted it to sound like us without repeating what we’ve done in the past.’

Content: I can’t say that the album is totally different from what they’ve done before, but one thing is for sure, you can’t compare this new work to their debut album “Xenophobia”. The global production became more techno-driven creating a furious Industrial-Techno mishmash. The sequences are hard and repetitive and yet sometimes ending in chaos. 

+ + + : K-Nitrate have a very own sound and approach. This work brings their interpretation of Industrial-Techno music; furious repetitive loops driven by solid, bouncing beats. The band has clearly moved towards modernism while it remains a Crossover format.

– – – : The songs are still instrumental, which is not a problem, except the loops are ultra-repetitive. This way the songs become predictable after a while.

Conclusion: I still like K-Nitrate’s approach, but I’m missing a bit more diversity with this work.

Best songs: “Captivity”, “Flatline”.

Rate: (7).

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