Dead Melodies & Beyond The Ghost – Crier’s Bane (Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Mar 25,2021

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, Dark-Ambient.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: “Crier’s Bane” resulted from the common efforts between French artist Pierre Laplace (Beyond The Ghost) and British artist Tom Moore (Dead Melodies). They both are label mates and Tom Moore is used to working on collaborative works.

Content: This work is from start on characterized by a strong inhibited aspect. The sound is dark and prosper, but progressively evolving towards more intriguing passages. You’ll notice screams and chants joining in during the last part of the album. But here again the work remains intimate and inhibited, creating a delicate sensation in darkness. Other cuts have been accomplished by metallic sound treatments while the addition of field recordings is quite noticeable as well.

+ + + : I was deeply impressed by this collaboration between Dead Melodies and Beyond The Ghost. It clearly sounds like both artists have been working together for years. They’ve achieved a poignant work revealing a perfect cohesion between both of their sonic universes. I especially like the inhibited element supporting the composition, which is also accentuated by a true arsenal of little, subtle noises and field recordings. They’ve used a true arsenal of instruments, but it doesn’t really sound that way. The second half of the work features multiple great tracks. I’ll mention “Parlour Of Ignorance” for its terror-like sphere and “A Momentary Refuge” for its mystic connotation. “The Unforgiving Toll Of Time” is another attention grabber  for its delicacy, but also its sacred-like sound.

– – – : The work is maybe just missing a total climax, but you don’t hear me complaining. The debut tracks sound more hesitant, but quite progressively this album will reveal its true face and strength.

Conclusion: Cryo Chamber is the ultimate label for collaborations between label mates, but this work also is one of the most successful one in the genre. This is a great, mysterious and fascinating Cinematographic trip.

Best songs: “Parlour Of Ignorance”, “A Momentary Refuge”, “The Unforgiving Toll Of Time”, “At The Foundry Gates”.

Rate: (8).

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