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By Aug 10,2015

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, body-pop.

Dekad – Poladroid ExtendedContent: Dekad is back on track and will soon launch their new album “A Perfect Picture”. The French synth-pop formation strikes back with their first album in 4 years and this EP will give you a real good idea about the new stuff.

The CD-format of “Poladroid Extended” is a strictly limited edition of 300 copies, and features 4 extra songs than the digital format.
The title song has been featured by 2 remixes. The “Remix” is a mind-blowing song driven by a hard-danceable kick and a strong bass line. It sounds pretty minimal and a little bit EBM-flavored as well. Notice by the way that the backing vocals have been sung by Foretatste’s XY. The “New Beat Mix” sounds even better and is a smasher. The big kick and body-pop vibes are absolutely irresistible while this version also reveals impressive sound treatments.

“Tied Up” is another song that has been remixed twice. This song features backing vocals by Darkleti (Celluloide). The “Remix” is a noticeable song for its vintage approach of body-pop music. This song again reveals great sound treatments and effects. The “Retro Mix” has been remixed by Celluloide’s member U-0176, but is a little less captivating.

New songs “Searching” and “Slowmotion” has been remixed as well. Both songs clearly are not the main attention grabbers although they confirm the genius minimalism of this electronic formation.

I have 2 more songs to mention, which possibly are exclusive songs featured at this EP. “Ta Vie” is a fascinating cut, which already carried by danceable, dry kick while some warm-like synth parts run throughout the composition. I also enjoyed the somewhat sexy vocals sung in French. “No Mystery” is the other song, which finds its apotheosis in the elevating chorus injecting a real boost to the track.

Conclusion: With such a great EP I can only, but be confident to welcome the 4th full length by Dekad. This band reveals a great vintage approach of electro-pop music, which is the main trademark of their label.

Best songs: “Poladroid – New Beat Mix”, “Poladroid – Remix”, “Tied Up – Remix”, “Ta Vie”.

Rate: (DP:8½)DP.

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