Blippblopporkestern – Människomusik (CD Album – ScentAir Records)

By Mar 21,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: ScentAir Records is clearly open to international electro-pop bands. With Blippblopporkestern they signed a Swedish project set up in 2012 by Andreas Rimheden. I know this musician from his involvement with Morticians while he was also active in the electro-pop band Eternity Range. After a self-released album “Elektroromantik” (2014) Blippblopporkestern is now back unleashing its official debut work.

Content: Sweden remains a prolific ground when it comes to electro-pop music. I can’t however say that Blippblopporkestern sounds like an average Swedish formation in the genre. There’re for sure some very familiar influences running through this work, but there also is a will to create something different.
I sometimes get the impression Rimheden is using real drums, which clearly reveals a particular focus on this aspect. “Maskinen” is also somewhat unusual although pretty ‘robotic’-like and definitely one of the attention grabbers. The main particularity however remains the lyrics sung in Swedish language.

+ + + : The songs are well-crafted, revealing a fascinating progression and especially “Humanoid” is a real noticeable example. I also like the somewhat nonconforming electro-pop approach although there are similarities with common electro-pop music. This work is catchy and robotic, sometimes accomplished with refined tunes and featuring great, bleeping sequences.

– – – : I’m not a huge lover of some very soft cuts such as “Ilos Visa”, and “Sveriges Sista Sång”.

Conclusion: Blippblopporkestern is an exciting discovery in electro-pop although I’m sure there’s more potential hiding in this band than what I’ve heard on “Människomusik”.

Best songs: “Humanoid”, “Maskinen”, “Sanningsministeriet”, “Genus”.

Rate: (7½)

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