Apsürde – Inglourious Heroes (CD Album – ScentAir Records)

By Mar 22,2019

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop

Background/Info: Apsürde is based in Budapest (Hungary) and has been active since 2006. They released the EP “See Me Coming” in 2017 on, which they clearly revealed a strong Depeche Mode influence, but still is  an interesting composition. In 2018 they released the official debut full length album “Inglorious Heroes” revealing 12 tracks.

Content: From the very first notes you clearly can hear the main source of inspiration. Nearly all songs, some of the sounds and sequences are clearly bringing us back to Depeche Mode. I also noticed some elements reminding me of early Human League, but I more than once thought ‘Depeche Mode come out of that body’! The work however reveals several real cool songs and it also is an opportunity to (re)discover the EP-title song “See Me Coming”.

+ + + : Even if the comparison with Depeche Mode is obvious, the emulation is rather well-done. You have poorly inspired ‘clones’ and other talented ones. I believe that Apsürde belongs to the second category. The songs are well-crafted and efficient. There are several noticeable songs featured. I can’t remember to have heard many noticeable electro-pop formations from Hungary so Apsürde is definitely one of the first to keep in mind. If you like Depeche Mode and you’re open for copyists; you for sure have to discover this work. The songs are accomplished and the vocals make sense. In the end I dare to say this is a real enjoyable work with some cool songs.

– – – : The main point with such a production is that some passages and/or tracks became too explicit. “Endless Raced” for example is a cool song, but the many links to Depeche Mode are a bit too much here.

Don’t get me wrong, this is an album I fully recommend except if you’re not into a new Depeche Mode-clone!

Best songs: “Under The Moon”, “My Life.f”, “See Me Coming (in 1984)”, “Endless Race”, “Going On”.

Rate: (7½).

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