Black Earth – Diagrams Of A Hidden Order (CD EP – Black Plagve Productions/Malignant Records)

By Nov 13,2016

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Genre/Influences: Death-industrial, black-noise.

Black EarthBackground/Info: Black Earth is a Spanish trio dealing with influences of death-industrial, black-noise and a few metal ingredients. They last year released the cassette “A Cryptic Howl Of Morbid Truth” on Graceless Recordings and now made their first steps on CD format. The EP is also available on cassette format, which has been released on In Solace Publishing.

Content: The EP features 3 cuts, which directly invites the listener to embark for a furious sonic travel. Distorted noises and ghost-like vocals with some heavy, misty guitar parts on top welcome you. You’ll progressively guided towards a pure sonic mayhem of noises and drones.

After a softer second cut you’ll have to endure a merciless final assault, which will finally bring you to a true sonic climax constructed with dense noise structures.

+ + + : “Diagrams Of A Hidden Order” is a record you have to listen to a few times before catching the impressive noise layers. The result is a real sonic bomb reducing classical music standards to dust. There’s a perfect balance between the tortured noise layers and guitar parts. The final track “To Cloak A Nebulous Sun” is a pure sonic aggression ending into a pure apotheosis.

– – – : I was not as convinced by the second cut “Upon Labyrinths Of Broken Mirrors”, which sounds rather soft and sober compared to both other cuts.

Conclusion: Spain is starting a new crusade by noise terrorists that will bring you down on your knees. This is a merciless raid that will make many victims.

Best songs: “To Cloak A Nebulous Sun”.

Rate: (7½).


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