Am Tierpark – Uncaged (CD Album – Distortion Productions)

By Mar 7,2016

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Am TierparkBackground/Info: You should have heard about this new band featuring Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip, Klutae, Sequential Access) on vocals and John Mirland (Mirland, Holm/Mirland) on machines.

Last year both Danish artists were watching the animals in Berlin ‘Tierpark’. They were playing in Berlin that evening with their respective bands and came back home with the idea to start an electro-pop project called Am Tierpark.

Content: Am Tierpark clearly sounds like devoted to ‘early’ electro-pop standards evoking the good-old 80s. Nevertheless John Mirland didn’t emulate the typical sound and spirit of the 80s, but he just used it as a basis and went further on adding a contemporary touch plus his typical minimalism.

The composition avoids any kind of complexity, but simply reveals a rather wafting sound carried by solid bass lines and minimal bleeps. Claus Larsen already revealed on several releases of Leaether Strip he also can sing in a clear and captivating way without abusing studio effects. He’s not exactly what I would call a pure synth-pop singer, but his timbre of voice totally fits with the minimal approach of the composition.

+ + + : I especially enjoyed some of the more elaborated parts of the work and the great taste of minimalism, which mainly comes through on the last cuts.

– – – : “Uncaged” doesn’t feel as a ‘happy-pop’ experience driven by endless melody lines and catchy sequences. That’s maybe what some electro-pop purists will miss.

Conclusion: You clearly can feel a passion for electro-pop coming through this work, which features several fascinating cuts. This is an atypical production in the genre exploring new horizons although inspired by retro elements.

Best songs: “Lost In Flesh”, “The World Will Smile At Me”, “Not That Kinda Guy”, “Tension”.

Rate: (7½).

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