Am Tierpark – Kings Of Failure (Album – Læbel)

By Mar 17,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Claus Larsen (Leæther Strip, Klutae, Mirland/Larsen…) and John R. Mirland (Mirland, Negant, M73, Mirland/Larsen…) aren’t only running Læbel, they’re also sharing a common passion for electro-pop music, which they’ve transposed into Am Tierpark. This is already the Danish duo’s third full length, which was released in 2019.

Content: Am Tierpark remains faithful to their basic sound, which is definitely inspired by the 80s electro-pop/wave scene and mixed with a few harder and more personal elements. “Kings Of Failure” is an album carried by happy sounding embodies, which are sometimes reminding OMD me of (especially for “No More Chances”), but still featuring a few harder passages driven by EBM-sounding bass lines. I also noticed a few more melancholic passages.

+ + + : Am Tierpark is progressively evolving and clearly confirms this is much more than simply a side-project. The melodic aspect of the work is absolutely great –mainly at the beginning of the album. Melodies and choruses –featuring the emotional singing of Claus Larsen, together create an elevating effect on the best  cuts of the album. But what I like the most is the kind of ‘feel good’ sensation listening to “Kings Of Failure”.

– – – : I think it’s quite surprising, but the title song is absolutely not my favorite song and even one of the few I would not recommend.

Conclusion: Am Tierpark is slowly moving on, getting better on each new album.

Best songs: “No More Chances”, “Calling Your Name”, “Reach XTC”, “Are We Crashing”.

Rate: (8).


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