Ajna – Oracular (Album – Cyclic Law)

By Jun 25,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: New-York (USA) based Chris F has already been active for numerous years now under the Ajna moniker. He’s also involved with the projects Intrinsik and Segment.fault. “Oracular” is his second full length album released by Cyclic Law.

Content: “Oracular” takes off with a dark, foggy opener with dense sound layers. The album covers different influences. The dark-ambient style sounds like the epicenter of the creation, but you’ll also notice soundscape related exposures. Deep resonating sound blasts and other monstrous tones are mainly emerging during the last tracks. The final cut feels like diving into a mysterious abyssal depth, which also is an appropriate end.

+ + + : Ajna creates the uncomfortable sensation of a nearby danger. You can’t see it, but you know it’s right there at your back. That’s exactly what I like when listening to this kind of music. The work creates an anguishing, invisible presence getting our imagination awake. But there also is an intimate touch running through the tracks, which I think is created by the somewhat inhibited noises and effects this work has been composed with. The main strength is hiding in little sonic details, which aren’t always easy to hear if you don’t use headphones or play the music at louder volume. Some of the last cuts, but especially “Nightmare Sector” and “Paralysis” reveal astonishing sound treatments. Some overwhelming, blasting tones are empowering the imaginary danger emerging from the music.

– – – : The first part of the album is just cool, but not really revealing any highlights. It rather sounds as a long introduction for the exciting final part.

Conclusion: Ajna confirms great composing skills in intimate, obscure ambient music. “Oracular” is an album to discover.

Best songs: “Nightmare Sector”, “Paralysis”, “Pneuma”, “Infinitam Abyssum II”.

Rate: (7½).

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