Aegri Somnia – Endtime Psalms (Digital Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Apr 13,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient.

Background/Info: Croatian solo-project Aegri Somnia is back on track unleashing its third album in history, which also is the second one released on Cryo Chamber.

Content: “Endtime Psalms” brings the listener to visit imaginary aquatic atmospheres joined by overwhelming dark sonic waves. The sound progressively becomes denser and darker while buzzing noises create a truly sonic mayhem. The atmospheres are getting more oppressive reaching a climax on the final cuts.

+ + + : Aegri Somnia reveals an interesting progression in global sound production. I especially like the slow progression resulting in an amazing final cut. This is dark-ambient with a strong visual appeal while accomplished with great sound sculptures. There’s an accomplished merge between subtle little noises and other overwhelming electronic atmospheres. It’s really fascinating to see how a few extra noises can transpose a track into a poignant apotheosis.

– – – : The tracks are somewhat similar-like so in the end you get the feeling of listening to a long-duration single piece without that much diversity. The album sounds more soundscape-minded, which is not a problem at all, but a little variation would have been a real bonus.

Conclusion: “Endtime Psalms” is a fully enjoyable production in the dark-ambient genre. It reveals a few outstanding cuts, but on the other side it doesn’t really innovate.

Best songs: “We Were Stardust”, “Mudus Moriens”, “Metamorphosis”.

Rate: (7½).





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