Zwaremachine – Be A Light (CD Album – Phage Tapes)

By Sep 24,2018

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Genre/Influences: EBM, dark-electro.

Background/Info: Zwaremachine is a project set up and driven by Mach Fox. Based in Minneapolis (USA) this debut full length features 7 songs plus 7 remixes.

Content: Zwaremachine claims to be influenced by some of the greatest EBM acts and that’s definitely something you can hear in the composition. But “Be A Light” is not what I would call an emulation, but an album revealing a mix between retro-elements and something more personal. The songs mix the sophistication and electro-elegance of Plastic Noise Experience together with the darkness of early Skinny Puppy.

The remixes have been done by WMF, Audiocentesis, Planktoon, Thosquanta, Timmy The TapeWorm, The Manitou and Lawless 388.

+ + + : This album took me by a surprise revealing a rather mature and accomplished production. The composition is intelligent and creating an imaginary sonic bridge between 90s EBM productions and something more contemporary-like. This is the kind of music that will appeal for lovers of Skinny Puppy’s early years. It also is quite interesting to discover unknown projects that have been asked to remix. I especially want to mention a great remix by Lawless 388.

– – – : There’re several cool songs, but maybe not what I would call a potential hit and that’s a pity. Otherwise I would have consider this work as the ‘perfect album’ so improvement is still possible. I like the list of unknown remixes although a few more familiar and recognized names would have been a better strategy to get this band in the spotlights… what they for sure deserve!

Conclusion: EBM can be also intelligent and achieved music. Zwaremachine is a promising new-comer so I’m really wondering what will come next.

Best songs: “IeyeI”, “Person To Person”, “Be A Light”, “Be A Light – Lawless 388 Remix”.

Rate: (7½).


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