Ugasanie – Ice Breath Of Antarctica (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Apr 21,2018

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, dark-soundscape.

Background/Info: Pavel Malyshkin is an artist hailing from Belarus and who next to Ugasanie –which can be seen as his main project, is also involved with side-projects such as Polterngeist and Silent Universe. This is Pavel’s fifth full length released on Cryo Chamber, but he also released multiple other productions on other labels.

Content: Antarctica definitely is a continent inspiring much artists involved in the ambient scene. It’s not always that easy for listeners to feel the transposition of the concept into music. However Ugasanie has accomplished a dark and buzzing soundscape featuring crushing sound blasts. It’s an album you’ve to (re)discover by using headphones so you can discover the multiple little details like crispy noises, sound waves reminding me of a swarm of bees, aquatic field recordings and other noises.

+ + + : “Ice Breath Of Antarctica” stands for an overwhelming darkness in sound. Carried by deep, vibrating sound waves and accomplished by an impressive sound- and noise canvas this album is a fascinating experience. Just like any other successful ambient production it also has this visual appeal leading the listener to explore his deepest inner thoughts and secret images. It’s a well-crafted composition confirming the talent of this musician.

– – – : Some passages are a little less monotonous revealing the similar sound formula this album has been made of. But you don’t hear me to complain, but it’s just that a few passages are a little less too long creating this monotonous effect.

Conclusion: Ugasanie hasn’t surpassed itself, but accomplished a well-crafted album with some real great and overwhelming sound treatments.

Best songs: “Shores Of Antarctica”, “The Boundless Snows”.

Rate: (7).





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