Trèfle Noir – Villanelle Du Diable (CD Album – Rage In Eden)

By Jan 16,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, epic.

Trèfle NoirBackground/Info: Behind Trèfle Noir is hiding French artist Alexandra Nordrac who’s also active as the singer in Liyr. She set up this solo-project to exorcise dark-ambient demons.

Content: “Villanelle Du Diable” which can be translated as “Dance Of The Devil” invites the listener to join in for a strange dark-ambient voyage. It’s not exactly the classical format of dark-ambient music, but the atmospheres are definitely devoted to this style of music.

The main difference and specificity of Trèfle Noir is the addition of vocals by Alexandra Norcdac. I even can speak about a conceptual approach as the lyrics are taken from old French poetry of the 19th Century. The lyrics are dark and sometimes a bit tormenting, which is accentuated by a ghost-like interpretation. Other vocal parts reflect a childish timbre of voice, which reminds me of BeNe GeSSeRiT.

The sound has been reinforced by industrial components and even some tribal percussion parts. You also will notice epic arrangements injecting some drama and bombast to the work. This is the kind of atmosphere which might remind you of In Slaughter Natives.

+ + + : Trèfle Noir has accomplished a very personal adaptation of dark-ambient music. The work is carried by captivating, chilling sound waves while elaborated by many other influences. I like the heavy bombast and spooky vocals. The debut song “Fleur De Verre” is a remarkable and totally representative cut to give you an idea about this album’s potential.

– – – : I’m not that fond of the more childish timbre of voice used on some of the tracks, but the main point I regret is the absence of a booklet with the lyrics and references. Poetry is one of the most essential elements of this album so it would have been cool to get more information about it.

Conclusion: Alexandra Nordrac got inspired by the devil and accomplished a dark and bewitching opus, which I can only but recommend.

Best songs: “Fleur De Verre”, “Amour d’Hôpital”, “La Ronde Du Remords”, “Villanelle du Diable”.

Rate: (7).


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