Dronny Darko – Spira Igneus (CD Album – Cryo Chamber)

By Jan 19,2017

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, ritual.

Dronny DarkoBackground/Info: “Spira Igneus” was released late 2016, closing a real prolific year for Oleg Puzan (aka Dronny Darko). The dark-ambient artist from Kiev (Ukraine) already released a full length album (cf. “Neuroplasticity”) early 2016 plus a split-album (cf. “Rites Lost”) together with Utu Lautturi.

Content: In comparison with “Neuroplasticity” the new work reveals a more explicit dark-ambient approach. The sound is made of dense and dark layers empowered with some industrial noises and metal percussion. It’s pure ‘cellar’-music from, which ghost-like whispers search for an exit.

Some passages move towards a kind of ritual music, which rapidly becomes a truly nightmarish experience. Some breathing noises invite the listener to embrace an evil side of music finding its climax at “Forbidden Wisdom”, which is a scary, but appropriated title.

+ + + : “Spira Igneus” creates this magical transposition from sounds into a strong visual. The tracks are meticulously constructed, progressively accomplishing an ultimate point of no return. This is where you join the ultimate state of fear. The album creates a strong and compact dark sound empowered by industrial elements. I especially enjoyed the opening piece and the great “Forbidden Wisdom”.

– – – : It all depends on your favorite tracks, but I wouldn’t have started with the phenomenal “Sciptures”-track. This is one of the best cuts leading you directly towards a climax.

Conclusion: Dronny Darko is not reinventing dark-ambient music, but he clearly has the skills to compose fascinating music in the genre. This is for sure his best work to date!

Best songs: “Scriptures”, “Forbidden Wisdom”, “White Eyes”.

Rate: (8).




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