Timestalker – Arrival Of The Stalkers (CD Album – Werkstatt Recordings)

By Feb 4,2017

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Genre/Influences: EBM, electro-ambient, minimal-electronics, cinematographic.

Background/Info: Timetalker is a Swiss solo-project, which previously released the digital single “Street Prowler”. “Arrival Of The Stalkers” is a sort of mini-album featuring 6 songs.

Content: Multiple retro-minded influences are running throughout the work. It takes off with a rather EBM-inspired cut and progressively moves on into atmospheric- and minimal-orientated pop songs. It’s pure synth-music reminding to the 80s and accentuated by some typical effects from that time.

The space-like touch supporting most of the songs is also pretty cinematographic. The songs are instrumentals, which reinforce the soundtrack feeling.

+ + + : Timestalker sounds a bit like a sonic alien dealing with retro-electronics. It’s much more than simply an influence, which is running through the work, but there are many little details and effects evoking the 80s. I like the EBM input running through the title song, but still this more evasive body feeling, which is noticeable on “Call For Vengeance”.

– – – : I can’t get away from the feeling that this is a kind of first demo. I got the impression that a few songs aren’t totally accomplished and that’s also because of their instrumental format. A few vocal lines would add a real bonus to the compositions.

Conclusion: Timestalker sounds like a ‘time traveler’, bringing us back to the magic of 80s electro-synth music. It still remains a popular place even for new and young musicians.

Best songs: “Arrival Of The Stalkers”, “Call For Vengeance”.

Rate: (6½).




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