Spookshow Inc. – Visions Of The Blinded World Pt. I&II (DCD Album – Thunder At The Distant Planet Records)

By Feb 17,2019

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Genre/Influences: Breakbeats, industrial-rock.

Background/Info: Set up in 2003 Norwegian formation Spookshow Inc. released the debut album “Visions Of The Blinded World Pt. I” in 2013. They are now back on track bringing this debut album alive with 2 extra songs and featuring a new work at the second disc.

Content: The sound of Spookshow Inc. remains a powerful and dynamic exposure. It’s pure crossover mixing breakbeats, electronics and guitar. It often reminds me to an imaginary hybrid between The Prodigy, Cubanate and Body Count. The new work remains driven by similar influences and reveals 13 new songs.

+ + + : I can’t say that Spookshow Inc. is dealing with pure breakbeats, but there are clearly several songs driven by this dynamic percussion layers. Well, not enough bands are dealing with this influence and I think that’s because it’s not easy dealing with this music style. Spookshow Inc. knows how to deal with it and accomplished a successful opus. The guitar playing remains another essential aspect of the composition; it’s not only about injecting power, but still a truly spirit to the work. I’ve a preference for the first album, but the new one also reveals several cool songs. “Midnight Tango” is probably one of the most unusual cuts –and still a great one, reminding me a bit of The Doors for a psychedelic aspect. Last, but not least I also have to say a word about the great artistic digipak; f*** steaming, physical material is so much more personal and artistic!

– – – : I sometimes would have liked to hear more rage in the vocal parts. I get the feeling that Spookshow Inc. can still do better, just improving a few elements in the production to reach an even more powerful sound.

Conclusion: Spookshow Inc. is a band that might catch the attention of a wider –and especially diversified audience. They bring us power and energy!

Best songs: “Game Of Delusions”, “My Secret Plan feat. Matangi Shakti”, “Falling Down Pt.II”, “Map Of The World” + “Midnight Tango”, “Underworld feat. Kissing In graveyards”, “Little Phill feat. Subliminal Mentality”, “Virtual Insanity”. “

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