Sans-Fin – Etat De L’Art (CD Album – Hands)

By Aug 8,2019

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Genre/Influences: Rhythmic-ambient,

Background/Info: Sans-Fin is taken from the French language, but the project is from Leipzig (Germany). Driven by DJ Hells, Sans-Fin previously released three albums on Raumklang Music. They now joined the established industrial Hands label, which might be seen as a consecration for this project.

Content: “Etat De L’Art” is not exactly the most ‘classical’ release you might expect to discover on Hands. The work is clearly driven by two important elements: rhythmic and ambient spheres. The repetitive cadence has something technoid while the electronics are pretty space-like. There’s something cinematographic running through this work, but there are also some harder parts revealing aggressive sequences. Both last cuts are remixes by _Hottek and 16Pad Noise Terrorist.

+ + + : Hands is not repeating itself and is daring to innovate. “Etat De L’Art” has something of a challenge and can even convince me when it becomes a bit trance-like (cf. “Pompe A Engrenages”) or simply more aggressive thanks to the remix of _Hottek. Both remixes add some diversity to the work.

– – – : The sound formula is interesting, but Sans-Fin has no limits when it comes to abuse of this formula. So the tracks become pretty similar and without absolute highlights.

Conclusion: Hands is without a shadow of a doubt one of my personal favorite labels from the electro/industrial underground scene, but this album must be one of the first that couldn’t really convince me!

Best songs: “Pompe A Engranages”, “Tuyau De Guidage –     _Hottek Remix”, “Cadencer Son Pas – 16Pad Noise Terrorist Remix”.

Rate: (6).


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