Rotersand – How Do You Feel Today? (Album – Trisol / Metropolis Records)

By Aug 12,2020

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Genre/Influences: Future-pop, EBM, body-pop.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: German duo Rascal Hüppe (vocals) and Krischan Wesenberg (music & production) have been active as Rotersand since the early Millennium years. They earlier this year struck back with the seventh studio album “How Do You Feel Today?”, which also is the first one since 2016. 

Content: We have to agree the title of this work sounds like a pure rhetorical question. Rotersand remains interested in social criticism, but it first of all also remains an intelligent electronic project driven by the creative spirit of Krischan Wesenberg and the captivating vocals of Rascal. The album doesn’t sound that different from previous releases. There’s a fine twist between slower, dreamy cuts and harder, danceable pieces. It injects diversity into the work. The songs are once more elaborated and accomplished with great sound treatments and carrying leads and especially the second part of the album reveals efficient songs.

+ + + : What is the best Rotersand album in history? Maybe the first one “Truth Is Fanatic” or the second one “Welcome to Goodbye”? Or “Random Is Resistance”? I’m afraid we all have our favorite one, but this new opus will be for sure nominated to win the ward. There are several outstanding songs featured here; songs that are elaborated, sophisticated with brilliant sound arrangements and transcendental passages, but still accomplished with catchy tones and carrying choruses. On top of it all you’ll hear the charisma of Rascal Hüppe. “When You Go” is according to me one of the best Rotersand songs in history, but I also have to mention “Whatever” as other potential hit. But there also is “Hot Ashes” and “I Feel, You Don’t” and “X”. Rotersand strikes back with a bang and the dancefloors gone know it!

– – – : Some songs in the beginning of the CD are nice, but without a similar climax as the aforementioned pieces.

Conclusion: Seven is a magical number in alchemy and “How Do You Feel Today?” sounds as the work of a true sound alchemist!

Best songs: “When You Go”, “Whatever”, “Hot Ashes”,  “I Feel, You Don’t”, “X”, “Who Are We Now?”.

Rate: (9).

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