This Eternal Decay – Silence (Album – Trisol / Rehab Records)

By Aug 11,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-wave.

Format: Digital, CDR.

Background/Info: I never heard of This Eternal Decay before “Silence”. It’s the band’s second full length opus. This Eternal Decay has been set up in 2018 and features the trio Riccardo Sabetti (Spiral69), Pasquale Vico (Date At Midnight) and Andrea Freda (Spiritual Front). This album features nine songs with guest contributions by Alex Svenson (Then Comes Silence) and Sonya Scarlet (Theatres Des Vampires).

Content: The opening tracks are clearly revealing the sources of inspiration used by the band. This is clearly wink to good-old dark-wave music carried by linear, fast rhythms and masterly lead by a charismatic singer. There’re a few softer cuts featured as well, but the ‘harder’ pieces definitely reveal the best out of this band. I also noticed some passages accomplished with electronic arrangements while the duo together with Sonya Scarlet also has something mystic and Eastern-like.

+ + + : Both opening songs are simply terrific! There’s such an overwhelming power emerging from the songs while the 80s influence brings us back to the darkest hours of that legendary decade. “I Am Nothing” even moves a step further and simply sounds as an absolute hit song. The tracks have been accomplished with great electronic treatments, but there’s a right balance between all influences, which makes the strength of the song. Another potential hit is “White Moon – Cold Nights” featuring female vocals by Sonya Scarlet. There also is an intriguing sphere hanging over this song, which has something Eastern-like.

– – – : I’m less convinced by a softer track such as “Fade Away” although the song features a cool chorus.

Conclusion: This Eternal Decay doesn’t exactly innovate when it comes to their influences, but the way this album has been achieved is grandiose. “Silence” is an album you have to discover and to adore!

Best songs: “I Am Nothing”, “White Moon – Cold Nights”, “Future Anthem”, “I Want”, “Silence”.

Rate: (8½).


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