Prettiest Eyes – Looks (Vinyl Album – Aagoo Records)

By Jul 15,2015

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Genre/Influences: Shoegaze, psychedelic-rock, post-punk.

Prettiest EyesContent: Operating from ‘the City of Angels’ (USA) Prettiest Eyes is a new and promising trio unleashing their official debut album that features 9 songs.

“Out Of Control” is a kind of magic opener for the fuzzy guitar and psychedelic electronics. It’s a real hot mix between shoegaze and punk with cool male vocals on top. “Get Away” moves in a similar way and I here especially get captivated by the somewhat chaotic electronics.

“LSD” sounds pretty inspiring and maybe visionary as well. The psychedelic input has been accentuated while I got the impression that the spirit of The Doors hangs over this song. Prettiest Eyes merges different elements of the past with a very own approach, which makes it contemporary as well.

Some of the next songs are more into punk elements although it all remains a mix of different sources of inspiration. The offspring of punk and shoegaze fascinates me on “Alright, I’m Ready To Go” while the last cut “Sorry” is the next masterpiece. This is one more song filled with psychedelic elements, but the final part of the song is really elevating.

The only minus point I can imagine is the rather short duration of time of the songs, but in the end that’s pretty shoegaze and punk as well.

Conclusion: “Looks” is a fully accomplished work featuring a strong psychedelic flavor and a mix of different genres. The result is absolutely worthy of examination and I would say that this is a band you better keep an eye on.

Best songs: “Sorry”, “Out Of Control”, “LSD”, “Get Away”, “Alright, I’m Ready To Go”.

Rate: (Elise Din:8½)Elise Din.


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