Pitch Yarn Of Matter – It’s New, Sounds Old And I Love It (CD Album – Wave Records)

By Feb 21,2017

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: Pitch Yarn Of Matter (P.Y.M.) is a Brazilian formation that was active during the 90s releasing a cassette on the legendary Cri Du Chat label while they next got signed in Europe by Subtronic Records. Twenty years after the second full length (cf. “Strange Body”) the band is now back on track. Master mind Marcello Gallo remains the single member on board although got assistance from a few guests (featuring early members of P.Y.M.).

Content: This is for sure a new start and the title of the album clearly indicates what this new work is all about. We get a 100% electronic album composed by good-old analogue gear that brings us back to the magic of the late 80s electro-pop music.

Electro-pop is definitely the main basis of the work, but you’ll also notice a few EBM sequences, wafting atmospheres and even a kind of nu-disco touch. On other cuts you clearly can recognize a Kraftwerk influence running through the songs and/or robotic vocal parts.

Both final ‘bonus’ cuts are remixes. You first get a “2016 Mix” of “Shadow Of Time”, which was originally released on the debut album “Signs In Our Minds” plus a remix by former P.Y.M. member, Darcio Fabri, of the early song “Alles Schwarz” (originally released on cassette in 1993).

+ + + : This album is more than simply a comeback, it’s a new and successful start. The work has been accomplished with the magic of good-old analogue equipment. The electro-pop style has been joined by different influences getting it all varied while featuring multiple cool songs and even a few potential hits (cf. “Full Of Nothing” and “Plastic Girl”). The remix of “Alles Schwarz” is another pretty cool cut!

– – – : The main difficulty for P.Y.M. will be for sure –and especially here in Europe, to get their name back on the map! The front cover could have been a bit more creative and rather looks like a picture you should have placed inside the cover.

Conclusion: It’s new, Sounds Old, And WE love it!

Best songs: “Full Of Nothing”, “Plastic Girl”, “Lies”, “Alles Schwarz – Ugly Machine Remix”, “It’s New, Sounds Old And I Love It”, “Second Chance feat. Dani Nathan”.

Rate: (8).


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