Paranoia Inducta – Viri Probi (Album – Heerwegen Tod Production)

By Nov 17,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Ambient, Ritual.

Format: CD.

Background/Info: Anthony Armageddon Destroyer has been very prolific during the past few years with his Paranoia Inducta project. After some split releases he now strikes back with a new album, which is the final chapter of a trilogy that is meant as a tribute ‘to all those people who died, were killed, deceived, humiliated or stalked by the Catholic Church’. The album features eight tracks.

Content: “Viri Probi” is an album that will remind you of early Dark-Ambient productions with the use of Gregorian- and other liturgical chants. It creates a kind of sacred & ritual ambiance, which is fitting with the concept of the work. Next to the omnipresent chants the work is carried by Industrial sound treatments, low resonating vibrations and field recordings. It all together results in an icy and obscure production leading the listener into a mystic and anxious sonic trip. 

+ + + : This album is maybe the most ‘cliché’ production I’ve heard from Paranoia Inducta, but it also is the most accomplished work. You can’t remain unmoved when listening to this opus. The ritual aspect of the work mixed with deadly sound treatments will make you anxious. The visual appeal created by the songs and accentuated by the different chants will lead you into a state of stupor and maybe panic. You can feel the danger, which is emerging from this inhibited, but masterly written composition. The album features multiple great songs, but I recommend listening to “Ibuente Deo”, “Viri Probi” and “Civitas Dei”.  

– – – : I sometimes get the feeling this artist is missing a few details to reach an absolute climax at his work. That’s exactly what this work is missing to consider “Viri Probi” as a true masterpiece.

Conclusion: If you like the cold sweat sensation of a Dark-Ambient production I can only, but highly recommend this new opus by Paranoia Inducta.

Best songs: “Ibuente Deo”, “Viri Probi”, “Civitas Dei”, “Nil Sine Numine”.

Rate: (8½).




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