Raven Said – Beyond The Darkest Hour (Album – Secret Sin Records)

By Nov 17,2020

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Genre/Influences: Gothic, Cold-Wave.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Russian duo Raven said is active since 2014. They previously released the EP “Seven Deadly Tapes” (2017) and this year finished their debut album “Beyond The Darkest Hour”.

Content: Raven Said brings us back to the essence of good-old Gothic music; somewhat inspired by 80s Dark/Cold-Wave influences, which are mixed with classical, dark Gothic guitar play and deep bass lines. The songs are switching from melancholia to powerful passages. The tracks are progressively built up, giving a major place to the guitar play, which sometimes reminds me of The Skeletal Family. The vocals of the singer empower the dark approach of the sound.

+ + + : Speaking for myself I can’t say that Russian bands and Gothic music has been a successful story so far. This album by Raven Said reveals an interesting formation featuring a mature production and cool Gothic stuff. The songs are well-crafted and progressively creating an elevating effect by the great guitar playing. “Fragile Hope” is a perfect illustration of the album’s potential.  

– – – : The single reproach I could imagine about this work is that it brings nothing new. It’s a pleasant work, but it feels a bit like I’ve heard this kind of stuff like one hundred times before.

Conclusion: There’s some Gothic music in Russia that might catch the attention of the international Gothic community; “Beyond The Darkest Hour” doesn’t bring anything new, but simply pleasant music in its genre.

Best songs: “Fragile Hope”, “She Comes To Me”, “Transparent Sorrow”, “Love That Black As Goal”.

Rate: (7).




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