Onsturicheit – Waan (CD Album – Wool-E Discs)

By Aug 14,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, ambient, krautrock.

Background/Info: Peter Moorkens is a Belgian artist who is involved with music for numerous years now. He has been (and still is-) member of different bands and projects. Onsturicheit is a solo-project he’s been  experimenting with for a couple of years now. He released five (!) albums nearly at the same time on Wool-E Discs, which are all part of the “Belgian NeuMusik”-series devoted to Belgian ambient artists.

Content: Peter Moorkens once started to play guitar and “Waan” brings this element back to life. But the music is also composed with an electronic arsenal and especially a passion for analogue/modular equipment. The guitar is sometimes pretty hypnotic. Some passages have been carried by slow rhythms while the electronic treatments have something space-like. You’ll also notice a few spoken samplings in Dutch.

+ + + : The main characteristic and strength of this work is the brilliant sound treatment procedure. It now and then creates a truly transcendental sensation, which might be reinforced by elevating guitar effects such as on the great “Een Godin Heeft Lippenstift”.

– – – : Some parts of the work are more experimental-like and even reminding me of the Krautrock experiments from the ‘Berliner school’, which has  never been my favorite music genre.

Conclusion: “Waan” which can be translated as “Hallucination” has something intriguing and even magic! It’s an interesting introduction to the sonic universe of Onsturicheit.

Best songs: “Een Godin Heeft Lippenstift”, “Somatische Waan”, “Zondewaan”.

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