Novocibirsk – Télévision 1945 Volume 1 (CD Album – ProductionB)

By May 20,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, minimal-electronics.

Background/Info: ProductionB is the brand-new subdivision of the French electro-pop label BOREDOMproduct. The French label released its first album in the early 90s. Novocibirsk got the honor to release the first album on BOREDOMproduct and this project now also releases the first album on ProductionB. It features electronic experiments recorded in between 1982 and 1993 and originally released on CDR. These songs have been remastered for this album. 

Content: Hervé Isar was the man behind this project and he clearly takes us back to an imaginary sonic lab filled with analogue gear. We feel like going back into time, awakening in the early 80s. Somewhere in between electro-wave, pure experimentation and minimal-electronics this album sounds as a bit as an ode to early electro-underground music. A few robotic vocals only accentuate the retro-vision of the album. I don’t want to compare Novocibirsk with other formations, but it’s the kind of sound that might clearly appeal to lovers of Kraftwerk.

+ + + : Was Hervé Isar a musician or a sound engineer? The work clearly reveals an experimental approach, which might be also considered as visionary for its time. “Train To Novocibirsk” is for sure one of the songs that will catch attention for a more ‘musical’ approach. It first of all is a work bringing the unique analogue sounds alive. I also have to say a word about the cool artwork. Novocibirsk also released a second volume of “Télévision 1945” so I hope we’ll get a re-release as well.

– – – : The experimental side of the work is not the most accessible one, but you’ve to place this album in its original context. Some of the tracks are pretty short, somewhat fragmented and give off  the sensation of unaccomplished.

Conclusion: ProductionB takes us back to the origins of electronic music. That was a long time ago and some of you weren’t even born, but it’s still a magic period!

Best songs: “Train To Novocibirsk”, “Flugzeug”, “Hydrotexture”, “Bahnfahrt”.

Rate: (7).


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