Nimh & Rapoon – Post-Folk Lore Vol.1 (Album – Winter-Light)

By Aug 4,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, cinematographic, tribal, experimental.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: This album resulted from the common efforts between two old servants of the dark-ambient/ritual/tribal scene. Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh) and Robin Storey (Rapoon) both like to work with other artists, but this is the very first time they work together. Notice by the way they’re both familiar with Winter-Light, having released each several productions at the label established in The Netherlands.

Content: “Post-Folk Lore Vol.1” features 4 long during cuts. The composition is rather diversified, like both artists have exorcised multiple influences while injecting their own touch to the work. I recognize the dark cinematic style of Nimh mixed with the somewhat tribal influence of Rapoon. The tracks are progressively built up, sometimes accentuated by an Eastern-like atmosphere, then featuring ghost-like whispers, but also revealing neo-classical passages. The tracks have been accomplished by the use of electronics and acoustic instruments, creating an artistic fusion.

+ + + : You don’t really get the sensation this album features two different artists operating each other in a different studio. The result is an elaborated and fascinating work, which mainly emerges at both debut cuts. “Compensating Contemplating” is a brilliant hybrid between different influences and mystic atmospheres. I also have to mention “Melancholy’s Bow”, which is also driven by a slow, tribal like rhythmic, but which caught my attention by the raw- and deep resonating sound treatments.

– – – : I would have placed the last track as first one for being more a kind of intro cut and unfortunately the one ending with an apotheosis.

Conclusion: This album is a successful collaboration between two renowned and talented artists so I hope –as the title of this album might indicate, they’ll be a second volume of this work ever released.

Best songs: “Compensating Contemplating”,  “Melancholy’s Bow”.

Rate: (8).

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