Fixmer – Invasion (EP – Bite)

By Aug 3,2020

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Genre/Influences: Techno-body, dark-techno, minimal-electro.

Format: Digital, Vinyl.

Background/Info: French producer Terence Fixmer is back on track. This truly work addict has released an endless number of EP’s plus a few full length albums, but “Invasion” is the first production ever released by Phase Fatale’s label Bite.

Content: If you know the work of Fixmer you’ll rapidly recognize his typical sound mixing EBM and dark-techno into a rough and somewhat unpolished sound production. The EP features 3 songs, which are characterized by their repetitive loops, solid EBM bass lines and heavy techno-industrial kicks. The song “Invasion” is a bit more elaborated with minimal sound treatments while you’ll also notice ghost-like spoken words.

+ + + : Terence Fixmer has developed his own sound and style throughout the years. He remains one of the first producers to have constructed a sonic bridge between techno- and EBM. And this new work is just a continuum of this approach. I like the rough and unpolished production work while I’ve a preference for the more accomplished “Invasion”-cut.

– – – : Terence Fixmer is no longer taking his audience by surprise as they’re all familiar with his sound, but at the other side he never stops composing cool songs!

Conclusion: If you like dark-techno dancefloors I’m sure “Invasion” will get you into dance!

Best songs: “Invasion”, “Vicious”.

Rate: (7).

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