Nhova – Eponymous (Digital Album – Nhova)

By May 17,2017

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, experimental.

Background/Info: French artist Jerome Lagueyte has already been in the music business for a couple of years now. He contributed to numerous projects and has now unleashed this Nhova-opus.

Content: the artist has been already involved in soundtrack-like projects and that’s precisely the main inspiration running through this work. The slow cadence and overwhelming electro-ambient atmosphere hanging over the work are clearly into cinematographic experimentation.

Some passages are pretty experimental while other parts  feature delicate bleeps and other crystal-clear sound treatments.

+ + + : “Eponymous” is the kind of music production you have to imagine accompanied by images or any other visual format. This music has the power to accentuate the emotions you get when watching a movie or documentary or just images. Nhova clearly sounds like an experienced artist in the genre and I like his rather accessible ambient format diversified with slow cadences and multiple judicious sound treatments.  

– – – : I like the soundtrack approach, but I’ll have to say the album is not exactly the easiest one to grasp. The experimental aspect makes it rather complex and sometimes giving me the impression of unfinished tracks. But the main point that hurts is that there’s no real apotheosis emerging from this work.

Conclusion: I get the impression that this artist can do better than what I’ve heard. There’re interesting ideas running through the work although nothing that can really get me wild.

Best songs: L’Eveil”, “Sonar”.

Rate: (6).




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