Metroland – Under The Roof / Remixes (Digital EP – Alfa Matrix)

By May 12,2016

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Metroland - Under the Roof RemixesBackground/Info: Next to the “Under The Roof”-EP there also is this extra edition entitled “Remixes”, which features 3 remixes. All the remixes have been accomplished by artists Louis Zachert (Passenger L) got in touch with.

Johan Breton, Franky Deblomme (Darkmen) and Philippe Malemprée (Musicocoon) got asked to illustrate their remixing skills. Each band has remixed a song from the album “Things Will Never Sound The Same Again”.

Notice by the way that Johan Breton and Musicocoon already each did a remix on the “Triadic Ballent”-album.

Content: This EP reveals a more creative approach, each artist trying to inject a more personal touch to the work. They didn’t spare any effort to rework the original mix into exciting new electro vibes.

You can easily recognize the original version, but globally speaking all the remixes are more danceable and diversified by cool effects.

+ + + : The remix of the title song by Johan Breton is a great piece of music for its global production revealing irresistible bleeping effects.

– – – : I know Metroland (just like Ionic Vision in the past) likes to release different EP’s from the same title song, but 2 EP’s featuring each 3 songs could have been perfectly released as one single EP.

Conclusion: The remixes inject some extra dance vibes while holding on to the original magic of the songs.

Best songs: “Under The Roof – In The Sky Mix”, “Good Moaning – Healing Mix”.

Rate: (7½).

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