Marco Shuttle – Systhema (CD Album – Spazio Disponibile)

By Aug 20,2017

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Genre/Influences: Electro-ambient, techno-ambient, mystic-electronics.

Background/Info: Marco Sartorelli aka Marcho Shuttle is born in Italy, but based in London (or Berlin). He released a considerable number of productions during the past few years (mainly EP’s). He released a debut full length “Visione” on his own label Eerie (2014) and is now back on track with a next full length.

Content: Both debut tracks are into pure mysticism. The atmospheres are intriguing and somewhat sensual or should I say ‘tantric’. The cuts are driven by slow cadence which is progressively becoming more danceable from the 3rd cut on. The work remains pretty ambient and evasive revealing numerous space-like sweeps and atmospheres. The tracks become more danceable by the sensual technoid rhythms.

+ + + : Marco Shuttle has composed a sonic bridge between fascinating ambient sound atmospheres at one side and danceable techno arrangements at the other side. The space dimension makes it all more accessible and a bit intriguing as well. I especially like both debut cuts for the Eastern-like mysticism. Among the more ‘danceable’ cuts I especially like “Con Sequenza”.

– – – : The passage from both debut songs towards the third cut is somewhat abrupt. You don’t exactly expect the sweet and mystic atmosphere becoming suddenly carried by a technoid (slow) cadence. I’m missing some coherence here. The album is globally speaking cool and enjoyable, but without a real apotheosis.

Conclusion: The least I can say is that “Systhema” deals with an original merge of influences. The ambient side will get you in dream while the technoid elements will get you to dance.

Best songs: “Con Sequenza”, Adrift”, “Thebe”.

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