M.O.D. – Broken Machinery (CD EP – M.O.D.)

By Feb 4,2016

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Genre/Influences: Dark EBM, dark-electro.

M.O.D.Background/Info: I discovered M.O.D. by their full length “Le Dios Mechanische” (2013). The Italian duo Maryhell and Angie Vhelena revealed an interesting dark-electro sound mixed with EBM elements. They now strike back with a new EP featuring 4 new tracks plus 4 remixes.

Content: I first of all noticed a global improvement of the different elements of the production. The sound became more powerful and the songs more consistent and accomplished.

M.O.D. is not exactly reinventing genres like dark-electro and EBM, but they clearly deal with a mature and efficient sound. There’s a ‘cyber’ touch throughout the songs, which reminds me of bands like Ext!ze, Terror Error and co. The somewhat raw, technoid manipulations inject this exciting and technoid touch, which has been merged with a solid dark-electronic basis. You also will notice haunting leads hanging over the songs, which reminds me a bit of Hocico.

The vocals by Maryhell add a bewitching female touch to the work. It’s an interesting twist with the dark sound and quite different from the usual heavy, distorted male vocals used by most of the bands.
A last and essential point concerns the remixes of the title song, which are absolutely efficient. I have a preference for the remix of Ira-K Organisation.

↑↑↑: The evolution of the global production is absolutely remarkable and resulted in great songs. I like the dark-cyber touch of their work.

↓↓↓ : There’s only one song, which can’t totally convince me (cf. “Crabby Scary Mind”) although it’s a cool B-side track.

Conclusion: M.O.D. is ready to take the dark-electro planet by surprise. This EP has the power to conquer numerous dance floors. I just hope “Broken Machinery” will get a proper diffusion.

Best songs: “Ready Go And Try”, “Without Regrets”, “Broken Machinery”, “Broken Machinery – Ira-K Organisation Noisemix”.

Rate: (DP:8)DP.

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