Julie Bally – Alternative New Wave (CD Album – Julie Bally)

By Oct 11,2019

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Genre/Influences: Post-punk, dark-rock. 

Background/Info: Julie Bally is a French artist who this year released her self-released debut album. Julie plays the guitar and takes care of the vocals. She has been joined by bass guitarist Pierre Gheno. She last year released the EP “Where Happiness Born”. 

Content: I never heard of Julie Bally before and discovered a rather eclectic music style, which is however mainly inspired by the darkness of the 80s and a very own touch of rock music. The work takes off with a rather industrial-like cabaret song while the next few cuts are more into post-punk and bombastic dark-rock. The production has been achieved with some electronic arrangements. 

+ + + : Julie Bally is first of all a performer. Her vocals (all sung in English) are passionate, sometimes enraged and also a bit theatrical. The different music influences running through her work to create an original and very accessible style, which is powerful and sometimes bombastic. I also want to say a word about the simple, low price, but cool artwork of this album featuring a lot of information about the artist.  

– – – : The opening song “Tentacles” is one of the most atypical songs of the album and not exactly the most representative one. 

Conclusion: “Purdah” is an honest debut album, which will appeal for lovers of post-punk and dark, powerful rock music with a strong 80s connotation. 

Best songs: “When I Hit Her She Held Still”, “Purdah”. 

Rate: (7).



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